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Oleksandr Volodarskyi

He is a founder of – a marketplace of proven developers. (then Coding Ninjas) was launched in 2015 with the idea of creating Uber for web development: you can publish your project on a resource, and any available developer, pre-checked, will start working on it.

Although the model has sounded beautiful, scaling up such a business was a utopia.

Founders pivoted and rebranded in April 2020, and grew to $500,000 a month in a year.

Oleksandr openly talks about the numbers, victories, and failures of the startup on Twitter and on his blog.



After the pivot, we reached $500,000 GMV per month. What had worked well, and what should have been changed

  • How to find out when to push further, and when to do pivot?
  • Why and how exactly had we changed the model?
  • What had helped us grow more than 2,5 times a year?
  • What could have helped us grow even more?
  • What is cannot be ignored during the rapid growth?
  • Why should a founder be the company’s biggest influencer?

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